Provided by: redeclipse-server_1.5.1-2_amd64 bug


       redeclipse-server - script to launch the server for the Red Eclipse FPS game


       redeclipse-server [-hhomedir] [-ppackagedir] [-osauerdir] [-glogfile]

                         [-ss{0..3}] [-skjoinpass] [-sPadminpass] [-sldefaultmap]

                         [-siserverip] [-spserverport] [-smservermaster] [-saservermasterport]

                         [-ms{0|1}] [-mimasterip] [-mpmasterport]

                         [--help] [-v{0..4}]


       Red Eclipse is a single-player and multi-player first-person ego-shooter, built as a total
       conversion of Cube Engine 2, which lends itself toward a balanced gameplay, with a general
       theme of agility in a variety of environments.

       redeclipse-server is a script which executes the redeclipse-server binary from the
       /usr/lib/games/redeclipse directory.

       The recommended way to change the settings of the server is to create and edit the file
       servinit.cfg in your home directory. Examples are available in


   Filesystem options
              Sets your home directory to homedir.  This is where servinit.cfg is read from, it
              defaults to $HOME/.redeclipse/.

              Includes the data files found in packagedir.  Can be used for adding additional
              maps that may be distributed to clients. By default redeclipse-server only includes
              data files in the working directory /usr/share/games/redeclipse/data and in the
              subdirecory temp of the home directory.

              Sets the path to your Sauerbraten directory. If the Red Eclipse server can find
              your Sauerbraten directory, it will be able to load and distribute maps from it.

              Output log to logfile.  Path is set relative to homedir unless a leading ยด/' is
              used, uses stdout if -g is given without a parameter. Defaults to stdout.

   Server configuration options
              Sets server type. 0 for local only, 1 for private, 2 for public, 3 for dedicated.
              Defaults to 1.

              Sets the join password to joinpass.  Users must know the password before they can

              Sets the admin password to adminpass.

              Sets the maximum number of clients to maxclients.

              Sets default map to defaultmap.

       -x"command 1; command 2; ..."
              Executes a list of commands once the Red Eclipse server has started up.

   Server connection options
              Binds the server to the host address serverip.  Only needed for machines with more
              than one interface.

              sets the server port to serverport.

              Uses servermaster as the master server, defaults to

              Contacts the master server using port servermasterport, defaults to 28800.

              Caps upstream rate to serveruprate.  Once the cap is hit it will likely cause major
              connection glitching and disconnects. Use maxclients for bandwitch limiting

   Master server options
              Enables the server to act as a master server, defaults to 0.

              Binds the master server to the host address masterip.  Only needed for machines
              with more than one interface, defaults to localhost.

              Binds the master server to the host port masterport, defaults to 28800.

   General options
       --help Display this manpage

              Sets verbosity. This affects how much information is printed to the console. 0 is
              the least verbose, 4 is the most verbose.


       redeclipse-server -p$HOME/mod/data -ss0 -slbath -sPpass
           Loads data from an additional directory, sets the server type to local (LAN), sets the
           default map to "bath" and sets the admin password to "pass"

       redeclipse-server -h$HOME/redeclipse-server_configs/
           Reads and writes the configuration files to the specified directory instead of


       Red Eclipse's main developers are Quinton "quin" Reeves and Lee "eihrul" Salzman

       This manual page was written by Martin Erik Werner <>


       Red Eclipse was forked as a continuation of the game Bloodfrontier, which in turn was
       based on the Cube2 engine and the Sauerbraten game. Red Eclipse and Sauerbraten are now
       developed in parallel.