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       RIG - Random Identity Generator


       rig [ -f | -m ] [ -d datadir ] [ -c num ]


       Rig  is  a  utility that will piece together a random first name, last name, street number
       and address, along with a geographically consistant (ie, they all  match  the  same  area)
       city, state, ZIP code, and area code.

       It is suitable for such applications as feeding the NY times registration page to fend off
       junk (snail) mail and telemarketers, or for registering on BBS's to which you  don't  wish
       to reveal your real information.


       -f, -m Respectively,  use  female and male names. If neither or both options are selected,
              RIG uses both female and male names.

       -d datadir
              Use data files found in datadir. Without this  option,  the  default  directory  of
              /usr/share/rig is assumed.

       -c num Output num identities. Default is 1.




       Based on "fake" written for MS-DOS. Unfortunately the author and publish date are unknown.

       First UNIX version written from scratch in 1999.

       This manpage based on RIG version 1.10.


       UNIX  version  (c)  1999-2002 Ian Turner with contributions from Ian Prowell, Nick Rusnov,
       and Schneelocke.  Geography Database is from the original version and I believe it  to  be
       held   in   the   public   domain.    Names   database   is   from   the   US   Census  at , courtesy of Trent Stanley.

       Send all comments and bug-reports to:

                                            4 JUN 2002                                     RIG(6)