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       Robocode - Java programming game with battle tanks


       robocode [-?] [-help] [-cwd path] [-battle filename [-results filename] [-record filename]
       [-recordXML filename] [-replay filename] [-tps tps] [-minimize] [-nodisplay] [-nosound]


       -? or -help
              Prints out the command line usage of Robocode

       -cwd <path>
              Change the current working directory

       -battle <battle file>
              Run the battle specified in a battle file

       -results <results file>
              Save results to the specified text file

       -record <bin record file>
              Record the battle into the specified file as binary

       -recordXML <xml rec file>
              Record the battle into the specified file as XML

       -replay <record file>
              Replay the specified battle record

       -tps <tps>
              Set the TPS > 0 (Turns Per Second)

              Run minimized when Robocode starts

              Run with the display / GUI disabled

              Run with sound disabled

   Java Properties include:
              Set the working directory

              Set the robots directory (default is 'robots')

              Set the battles directory (default is 'battles')

              Enable/disable Robocode's security manager

              Enable/disable debugging used for preventing robot timeouts and skipped turns,  and
              allows an an unlimited painting buffer when debugging robots

              Log messages and warnings will be disabled

              Log errors will be disabled

              Enable/disable access to peer in robot interfaces

              Enable/disable parallel processing of robots turns

       -DRANDOMSEED=<long number> Set seed for deterministic behavior of random


       java (1)