Provided by: scummvm_1.7.0+dfsg-2ubuntu1_amd64 bug


     scummvm — graphic adventure game interpreter


     scummvm [options] [game]


     scummvm is an interpreter that will play graphic adventure games based on a variety of game

     -F      Force windowed mode.

     -b param
             Pass number to the boot script (boot param).

     -c config
             Use config as alternate configuration file.

     -d level
             Set debug verbosity to level.

     -e driver
             Music driver to use:

             adlib   AdLib emulation (default)

             alsa    Output using ALSA sequencer device

             amidi   Use the MorphOS MIDI system, for MorphOS users

             core    CoreAudio sound, for Mac OS X users

             mt32    MT-32 emulation

             null    Null output.  Don't play any music.

             pcjr    PCjr emulation

             pcspk   PC Speaker emulation

             seq     Use /dev/sequencer for MIDI output

             towns   FM-TOWNS YM2612 emulation

                     Windows built in MIDI sequencer for Windows users

     -f      Force full-screen mode.

     -g scaler
             Select graphics scaler:

             2x      No filtering, factor 2x (default for non 640x480 games).

             3x      No filtering, factor 3x.

             2xsai   2xsai filter, factor 2x.

                     Doesn't rely on blurring like 2xSAI, fast.  Factor 2x.

                     Doesn't rely on blurring like 2xSAI, fast.  Factor 3x.

                     Dot matrix effect.  Factor 2x.

             hq2x    Very nice high quality filter but slow.  Factor 2x.

             hq3x    Very nice high quality filter but slow.  Factor 3x.

             normal  No filtering, no scaling.  Fastest.

                     Enhanced 2xsai filtering, factor 2x.

                     Less blurry than 2xsai, but slower.  Factor 2x.

             tv2x    Interlace filter, tries to emulate a TV.  Factor 2x.

     -h      Display a brief help text and exit.

     -m vol  Set the music volume to vol range 0-255 (default: 192).

     -n      Enable subtitles (use with games that have voice).

     -p path
             Path to where the game is installed.

     -q language
             Select game language:

             cz      Czech

             en      English (USA) (default)

             de      German

             es      Spanish

             fr      French

             gb      English (Great Britain) (default for BASS)

             hb      Hebrew

             it      Italian

             jp      Japanese

             kr      Korean

             pt      Portuguese

             ru      Russian

             se      Swedish

             zh      Chinese

     -r vol  Set the speech volume to vol range 0-255 (default: 192).

     -s vol  Set the sfx volume to vol range 0-255 (default: 192).

     -t      Display list of configured targets and exit.

     -u      Enable script dumping if a directory called ‘dumps’ exists in the current directory.

     -v      Display ScummVM version information and exit.

     -x slot
             Save game slot number to load (default: autosave).

     -z      Display list of supported games and exit.

             Use alternative intro for CD versions of Beneath a Steel Sky and Flight of the
             Amazon Queen.

             Enable aspect ratio correction.

             CD drive to play CD audio from (default: 0 = first drive).

             Enable copy protection in SCUMM games, when ScummVM disables it by default.

             Start demo mode of Maniac Mansion.

             Enable Roland GS mode for MIDI playback.

             Look for additional game data in path.

             Enable input with joystick (default: 0 = first joystick).

             Enable combination AdLib and native MIDI.

             True Roland MT-32 MIDI (disable GM emulation).

             Enable additional render mode (cga, ega, hercGreen, hercAmber, amiga).

             Specify original platform of game.

             Set output sample rate in Hz to rate (e.g. 22050).

             Look for savegames in path.

             Select the SoundFont for MIDI playback (only supported by some MIDI drivers).

             Set talk speed to speed for SCUMM games (default: 60).

             Set music tempo to tempo (in percent, 50-200) for SCUMM games (default: 100).


     Cmd-q   Quit (Mac OS X)

     Ctrl-q  Quit (Most platforms)

     Ctrl-f  Toggle fast mode

     Ctrl-m  Toggle mouse capture

     Ctrl-Alt 1-8
             Switch between graphics filters

     Ctrl-Alt +
             Increase scale factor

     Ctrl-Alt -
             Decrease scale factor

     Ctrl-Alt a
             Toggle aspect-ratio correction

             Toggle full screen/windowed


              The sequencer device to use with the ‘seq’ MIDI driver.

              The number of the sequencer to use when using the ‘seq’ MIDI driver.

              The ALSA port to open for output when using the ‘alsa’ MIDI driver.


             Configuration file on UNIX.

     $HOME/Library/Preferences/ScummVM Preferences
             Configuration file on Mac OS X.


     Running the builtin game launcher:

           $ scummvm

     Running Day of the Tentacle specifying the path:

           $ scummvm -p /usr/local/share/games/tentacle tentacle

     Running The Dig with advmame2x filter with subtitles:

           $ scummvm -g advmame2x -n dig

     Running the Italian version of Maniac Mansion fullscreen:

           $ scummvm -q it -f maniac


     More information can be found in the README and on the website


     This manual page written by Jonathan Gray <khalek at>.  ScummVM was written by
     the ScummVM team.  See AUTHORS file for more information.