Provided by: seahorse-adventures_1.1+dfsg-2_all bug


       Seahorse-Adventures - help Barbie the seahorse float on bubbles to the moon


       seahorse-adventures [OPTION...]


       Barbie Seahorse Adventures is a retro style platform arcade game in the spirit of Mario 3.
       You are Barbie the seahorse who travels through the jungle, up to the  volcano  until  you
       float on bubbles to the moon.

       On  the  way to your final destination you will encounter various enemies, servants of the
       evil overlord who stole the galaxy crystal. Avoid getting hit and defeat  them  with  your

       Use  your arrow keys or your joystick to move the seahorse. You can open doors by pressing
       the UP or DOWN key. Enemies take 3 shots unless you are powered up!

       ALT or x

       CTRL or Space or z

       F10    GOD MODE


              run in fullscreen mode.

              run the game in 320x240 resolution.

              use the scale2x scaler.

              produce a scanline effect.