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       supertransball2 - Thrust type of game


       Super  Transball 2 is a game which was inspired by ZARA THRUSTA for the Amiga 500. In each
       level the goal is to find the SPHERE, to capture it and to carry it to the upper  part  of
       the  level.  The  main  challenge  is  the  gravity that attracts your ship which makes it
       inevitable to control the ship's thrust. Many other obstacles like cannons,  tanks,  doors
       or  lasers  will  also  try to make your journey difficult and don't be wasteful with your
       thrusters and weapons or you will run out of fuel in no time.

       Super Transball 2 ships with 3 unique level packs consisting of 26 levels  in  total.  You
       can  choose between them by pressing the L-key ingame. If a level seems being to difficult
       you can skip it by entering a code after pressing the C-key in the main menu. These cheats
       are available in /usr/share/doc/supertransball2.


       The  game  starts  in  windowed  mode  with a resolution of 320x240 pixel. However you can
       change this setting ingame with the ALT-key + 1,2,3,4 or ENTER combination.

       ALT+1  standard view

       ALT+2  200% zoom

       ALT+3  300% zoom

       ALT+4  400% zoom

              Toggle between fullscreen and windowed mode

                                         October 31, 2012                      SUPERTRANSBALL2(6)