Provided by: supertux_0.4.0-1_amd64 bug


       supertux2 - preview release of SuperTux Milestone 2, a classic style 2D platform game


       supertux2 [options]
       supertux2 [options] level.stl
       supertux2 [options] worldmap.stwm


       SuperTux  is  a  classic  style  2D  platform game.  Run and jump through multiple worlds,
       fighting off enemies by jumping on them, bumping them from below  or  tossing  objects  at
       them, grabbing power-ups and other stuff on the way.


       These  programs  follow the usual GNU command line syntax, with long options starting with
       two dashes (`-').  A summary of options is included below.

       -f, --fullscreen
              Run in fullscreen mode

       -w, --window
              Run in window mode

       -g, --geometry WIDTHxHEIGHT
              Run SuperTux in given resolution (eg. -g 800x600)

       -a, --aspect WIDTH:HEIGHT
              Run SuperTux with given aspect ratio (eg. -a 4:3)

       -d, --default
              Reset video settings to default values (-g 800x600 -a auto -w)

       --renderer RENDERER
              Render the game using the specified video renderer. Valid values are  sdl,  opengl,
              and auto (the default).

              Disable sound effects

              Disable music

       --help Show this help message

              Display SuperTux version and quit

              Enable ingame scripting console

              Disable ingame scripting console

              Display framerate in levels

              Do not display framerate in levels

       --record-demo FILE LEVEL
              Record a demo to FILE

       --play-demo FILE LEVEL
              Play a recorded demo


              Overrides locale detection and forces locale to given value, e.g. "de_DE".


              Contains configuration and savegames.  Also acts as an overlay of the SuperTux game
              data path: Files placed  here,  as  well  as  contents  of  Zip  archives  in  this
              directory, will override or supplement game data files.


       To play level /tmp/mylevel.stl in a window of size 800x600, run the program like this:

              supertux2 --window --geometry 800x600 /tmp/mylevel.stl

       To  play  a  previously  recorded  demo  /tmp/mylevel.demo  of level /tmp/mylevel.stl, run
       SuperTux like this:

              supertux2 --play-demo /tmp/mylevel.demo /tmp/mylevel.stl

       Custom-made levels can be conveniently stored in the overlay data folder.

                (version 2)
                (name (_ "Sample Level"))
                (author "Myself")

       Make sure to also create an "info" file, so the collection will be recognized by SuperTux.

                (title "Sample Collection")
                (description "")

       For easier distribution, the level collection can be bundled in a Zip archive.



       This is a development version, so expect plenty of bugs.


       This manual page was written by the SuperTux Devel  Team  and  is  placed  in  the  public