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       tomatoes - Tomatoes smashing game




       I  Have  No  Tomatoes  is an extreme leisure time activity idea of which culminates in the
       following question: How many tomatoes can you smash in ten short minutes? If you have  the
       time to spare, this game has the vegetables just waiting to be eliminated!


       Before  starting  the  game,  you  should  know  that  the  game  uses OpenGL for hardware
       accelerated 2d & 3d graphics. This means  that  you  must  have  fully  OpenGL  compatible
       graphics  card  in  your  PC. Your card also needs to be able to use 512x512 textures, and
       this rules out Voodoo 1, 2 and 3 (limited to 256x256 textures).

       As for the CPU and memory requirements, I'd recommend something along the lines of Pentium
       II  (or an AMD equivalent) and 64MB. The game works on much slower systems as well, as the
       game skips frames if the system can't keep up with the 60 FPS rate; this ensures that  the
       game runs at the right speed, you just don't get very smooth animation.

       This  game features solid game play with beautiful OpenGL API driven isometric 3d graphics
       and nice music. It also includes a MOD player, and you can use your own MOD-type music  in
       the  game  background. Just copy your XM/S3M/IT/MOD - files to the music subdirectory of I
       Have No Tomatoes and the game plays them. You can press F1 to skip  a  song  when  ingame.
       There's   room   for  128  MODs.  Btw,  if  you  don't  have  any  MOD  music,  ModArchive
       ( <>) is a good place to download some.


       You may also want to set some options, such as the screen resolution and color  depth.  By
       default,  I  Have No Tomatoes starts fullscreen in 800x600 resolution, 32bpp. To fine-tune
       the preferences to suit your PC better, open the file config.cfg in a text editor (Notepad
       will do). Under Unix this file is stored in ~/.tomatoes/.

       Most likely you'll be interested in these lines:

       · video_mode = 800 x 600

       · video_mode_color_depth = 32

       · video_mode_fullscreen = 1

       · sound_enabled = 1

       To set the resolution, change the video_mode - line (some common resolutions include 640 x
       480, 800 x 600, 1024 x 768). Most common color depths are 16 and  32,  and  sometimes  24.
       video_mode_fullscreen  controls whether the game starts in fullscreen or in a window. When
       running in windowed mode, you can use any resolution you want (the 4:3 aspect ratio  modes
       are still preferred). If you don't have a sound card (or want to turn the sounds off), set
       sound_enabled to 0 (zero).

       Finally, if you want to know how many frames your  system  draws  per  second  (FPS),  set
       show_fps to 1. FPS should be over 60 for smooth animation.

       The  default  keys  can  be  changed from the Options menu in game, so no need change them

       When you're satisfied with the config.cfg settings, by all means,  proceed  to  start  the
       game :)


       You  can  contact the author by email at <>. Notice that since 12th of July,
       2004 I've been in the army, so don't expect immediate responses.  Be patient :)

       This man page was compiled by Helge Kreutzmann <>  for  the  GNU/Linux
       project but it may be used by everybody else as well.


       Tomates homepage: <URL:>