Provided by: tuxfootball_0.3.1-4_amd64 bug


       tuxfootball - great 2D soccer (sometimes called football) game


       tuxfootball [OPTION...]


       Tux  Football brings old style gameplay from DOS times back to the desktop with up to date
       graphics! Its gameplay is similar to old classics such as Amco's  Kick  Off  and  Sensible
       Software's Sensible Soccer.

       The gameplay is designed to be quick, responsive and fun. You are always in control of the
       player closest to the ball. The ball is controlled via two different kick  buttons  -  one
       for  pass,  and one for shoot.  Aftertouch can be applied to shots by quickly pressing and
       holding the direction you want the ball to bend towards. Pushing in the opposite direction
       to  what you kicked the ball makes it raise into the air, pushing in the same direction as
       the ball makes it dip towards the ground.


       -h      print help

       -w      run Tux Football in windowed mode (default)

       -w      run Tux Football in fullscreen mode

       -d      Enable debug logging