Provided by: filters_2.55-1_amd64 bug


       ken,  b1ff,  censor,  chef,  cockney, eleet, fanboy, fudd, jethro, jibberish, jive, kenny,
       kraut, ky00te, nethackify, newspeak, nyc, pirate, rasterman, scottish, spammer,  scramble,
       studly, uniencode, upside-down - assorted text filters


        $SHELL | chef

        newspeak < thesis.tex > newthesis.tex

        eleet | wall # b1ff works well too

        b1ff | ircII | censor


       All of these programs are filters to do all sorts of strange things to text.  No personal,
       racial, religious or societal slurs are intended. For amusement only.

       All the filters read input from stdin, change it, and write the filtered text  to  stdout.
       Some filters also support reading from files and writing to stdout.

       b1ff   The B1FF filter

       lolcat As seen in internet gifs everywhere.

              Cockney English

       chef   convert English on stdin to Mock Swedish on stdout

       eleet  K3wl hacker slang

       fanboy Speak  like  a  fanboy.  Filters out extraneous words and focuses on the words fans
              use. By default, it will speak like a fan of git/Linus/linux development. To change
              this,  pass  as parameters the words that the fanboy typically uses. Alternatively,
              pass the name of a topic that typically has fanboys to use a predefined word list.

       fudd   Elmer Fudd

       jethro Hillbilly text filter

       jive   Jive English

              Runs text through a random selection of the rest of the  filters,  to  make  really
              weird output.

       ken    English  into  Cockney,  featuring  (dubious)  rhyming  slang for a lot of computer

       kraut  Generates text with a bad German accent.

       kenny  Generates text as spoken by Kenny on South Park.

       ky00te This program places a very cute (and familiar to FurryMuck fans) accent on any text

              Wiped out text like can be found in nethack.


       censor CDA-ize text

       nyc    Brooklyn English

       pirate Talk like a pirate.

              Makes text look like it came from the keyboard of Carsten Haitzler.

              Fake  scottish  (dwarven)  accent  filter,  inspired by the character "Durkon" from
              Order of the Stick.

              Turns honest text into something that is liable to be flagged as spam.

              Scramble the "inner" letters of each word in the input into a  random  order.   The
              resulting text is still strangely readable.

       studly Studly caps.

              Use glorious unicode to the fullest possible extent. As seen previously in many man

              Flips text upside down. Stand on your head and squint to read the output.


       Other filters:

       pig    From the bsdgames package, pig converts text to pig latin.

       dog --oog
              From the dog package, dog can also function as a filter, converting  text  to  OOG-


       The  eleet,  upside-down,  chef,  b1ff,  and  censor  filters  were  written  by Joey Hess
       <>. Daniel V Klein <> wrote the  cockney,  jive,  and  nyc
       filters.  jibberish is by Raul Miller <>, jethro is by Duane Paulson
       <>, rasterman is by Zachary Beane, ken is by Stephen K  Mulrine
       <>,  newspeak  is  by Jamie Zawinski <>, studly is by Nick Phillips
       <>, Gurkan Sengun <> wrote nethackify,  Dougal
       Campbell  <>  wrote  pirate,  kraut  is by John Sparks, scottish by Adam
       Borowski, Kenny is by Christian Garbs  and  Alan  Eldridge,  and  scramble  by  Andrew  J.