Provided by: warzone2100_3.1.1-2_amd64 bug


       warzone2100 - 3D real time strategy game


       warzone2100 [OPTIONS]


       This manual page documents briefly the warzone2100 command.

       Warzone 2100 is a 3D science fiction real time strategy game.


       Note: In contrast to older versions option parameters need a =, space doesn’t work

           Run in cheat mode.

           Set default datadir to DIR.

           Show debug for FLAG, use this several times for several flags. Useful flags include
           wz, 3d, sound, video.  all gives all of that and much more.

           Log debug output in FILE.

           Play in fullscreen mode.

           Show help and exit.

           Enable global mod MOD.

           Enable campaign only mod MOD.

           Enable multiplay only mod MOD.

           Load a saved game NAME (needs to include the .gam extension).

           Play in windowed mode.

           Output version info and exit.

           Run at WIDTH times HEIGHT screen resolution. This needs to be a resolution supported
           by your X server.

           Toggle the shadows.

           Toggle the sound.

           Toggle texture compression (default on). At least on systems where Mesa’s libtxc-dxtn
           handles texture compression, loading is slower with it enabled. In-game FPS are also
           higher though.

       The fullscreen/window, resolution, sound, and shadows settings are stored, so they only
       need to be specified once, or when you want to change them.


       warzone2100 --fullscreen --resolution=800x600
           Run in full screen at 800x600 screen resolution.

       warzone2100 --window --resolution=800x600
           Run in a window at 800x600 screen resolution.

           Run the game, with the last used resolution, fullscreen/window, sound and shadow


       See the copyright file included in the package.

       This manual page was originally written by Linas Zvirblis <> for the
       Debian project, and modified by the Warzone project.

                                            11/12/2015                             WARZONE2100(6)