Provided by: xscreensaver-gl_5.34-2ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       winduprobot - screen saver.


       winduprobot  [-display  host:display.screen]  [-visual  visual]  [-window] [-root] [-delay
       number] [-count number] [-speed ratio] [-size ratio] [-opacity ratio] [-talk ratio]  [-no-
       texture] [-no-fade] [-fps]


       A  swarm  of wind-up toy robots wander around the table-top, bumping into each other. Each
       robot contains a mechanically accurate gear system inside, which  you  can  see  when  the
       robot's shell occasionally fades to transparency.


       -visual visual
               Specify  which visual to use.  Legal values are the name of a visual class, or the
               id number (decimal or hex) of a specific visual.

       -window Draw on a newly-created window.  This is the default.

       -root   Draw on the root window.

       -delay number
               Per-frame delay, in microseconds.  Default: 20000 (0.02 seconds).

       -count number
               Number of robots.  1 - 100.  Default: 25.

       -speed ratio
               Animation speed.  2.0 means twice as fast, 0.5 means half as fast.

       -size ratio
               Robot size.  2.0 means twice as big, 0.5 means half as big.

       -opacity ratio
               Robot skin transparency.  0.0 - 1.0.  Default: 1.0.

       -talk ratio
               How often to occasionally pop up a word bubble with random text in it.  0.0  means
               never. 1.0 means often.

       -texture | -no-texture
               Whether the robot's surface should be reflective chrome.

       -fade | -no-fade
               Whether to sometimes fade the robot's opacity to show the inner mechanism.

       -fps | -no-fps
               Whether to show a frames-per-second display at the bottom of the screen.


       DISPLAY to get the default host and display number.

               to  get  the name of a resource file that overrides the global resources stored in
               the RESOURCE_MANAGER property.


       X(1), xscreensaver(1) xscreensaver-text(1)


       Copyright © 2014 by Jamie Zawinski.  Permission to use, copy, modify, distribute, and sell
       this  software  and  its  documentation  for  any  purpose  is hereby granted without fee,
       provided that the above copyright notice appear in all copies and that both that copyright
       notice  and this permission notice appear in supporting documentation.  No representations
       are made about the suitability of this software for any purpose.  It is provided  "as  is"
       without express or implied warranty.


       Jamie Zawinski.