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       wolf4sdl - An open-source port of id Software's classic first-person shooter


       wolf4sdl [options]

       wolf4sdl-wl6 [options]

       wolf4sdl-wl6a [options]

       wolf4sdl-wl6a1 [options]

       wolf4sdl-wl1 [options]

       wolf4sdl-sod [options]

       wolf4sdl-sdm [options]


       Wolf4SDL  is an open-source port of id Software's classic first-person shooter Wolfenstein
       3D  to  the  cross-plattform   multimedia   library   Simple   DirectMedia   Layer   (SDL)
       (  It  is meant to keep the original feel while taking advantage of
       some improvements.

       The wolf4sdl-wl6, wolf4sdl-wl6a, wolf4sdl-wl6a1, wolf4sdl-wl1, wolf4sdl-sod and  wolf4sdl-
       sdm  binaries  start  the Wolf3d Full v1.4 GT/ID/Activision, Wolf3d Full v1.4 Apogee (with
       ReadThis), Wolf3d Full v1.1 Apogee  (with  ReadThis),  Wolf3d  Shareware  v1.4,  Spear  of
       Destiny Full and Mission Disks and Spear of Destiny Demo games, respectively. The wolf4sdl
       wrapper script automatically runs the  engine  that  fits  to  the  data  files  found  in


       --help This help page

       --tedlevel <level>
              Starts the game in the given level

       --baby Sets the difficulty to baby for tedlevel

       --easy Sets the difficulty to easy for tedlevel

              Sets the difficulty to normal for tedlevel

       --hard Sets the difficulty to hard for tedlevel

              Skips intro screens

              Starts the game in a window

              Enables shading support

              Suppresses vertical mouse movement

              Shows a crosshair

       --res <width> <height>
              Sets the screen resolution (must be multiple of 320x200 or 320x240)

       --resf <w> <h>
              Sets any screen resolution >= 320x200 (which may result in graphic errors)

       --bits <b>
              Sets  the  screen  color  depth  (use  this  when  you have palette/fading problems
              allowed: 8, 16, 24, 32, default: "best" depth)

       --joystick <index>
              Use the index-th joystick if available (-1 to disable joystick, default: 0)

       --joystickhat <index>
              Enables movement with the given coolie hat

       --samplerate <rate>
              Sets the sound sample rate (given in Hz, default: 44100)

       --audiobuffer <size>
              Sets the size of the audio buffer (-> sound latency) (given in bytes, default: 2048
              / (44100 / samplerate))

              Ignores the number of chunks in VGAHEAD.*  (may be useful for some broken mods)


       Wolf4SDL v1.6 ($Revision: 232 $)

       Ported by Chaos-Software (

       Original Wolfenstein 3D by id Software

       This  manual  page  was  written by Fabian Greffrath <> for the
       Debian project (but may be used by others).