Provided by: xpilot-ng-utils_4.7.3-2.2ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       xpilot-ng-replay - Playback an XPilot session.


       xpilot-ng-replay [options] filename


              If filename is a dash - then standard input is used.  Valid options are:

       -scale "factor"

              Set  the  scale reduction factor for saving operations.  Valid scale factors are in
              the range [0.01 - 1.0].

       -linewidth "width"

              use a fixed linewidth "width" for drawing all lines

       -gamma "factor"

              Set the gamma correction factor when saving scaled frames.  Valid gamma  correction
              factors are in the range [0.1 - 10].


              Save frames compressed using the "compress" program.

       -fps "value", -FPS "value"

              Set the number of frames per second used for replay and recording.


              Start playing immediately.


              Loop after playing.





              In addition to the pushbuttons you can use the following keys:

       f      -  move forwards to the next frame.

       b      -  move backwards to the next frame.

       z      -  move backwards to the first frame.

       [      -  mark the current frame as the first frame to be saved.

       ]      -  mark the current frame as the last frame to be saved.

       *      -  save the marked frames in PPM format.

              WARNING: saving many frames takes HUGE amounts of diskspace!

       &      -  save the marked frames in XPilot Recording format.

       q      -  quit the program.