Provided by: xqf_1.0.6-1_amd64 bug


       xqf - 3D action game launcher and server browser


       xqf [options]


       XQF is a 3D action game (such as Quake, sequels and derivatives) server browser. It uses X
       and is written using GTK+ 2 and uses QStat in the backend to retrieve server info.

       With XQF you can search for Quake, Quake 2/3/4, Quake World,  Doom  3,  Return  to  Castle
       Wolfenstein,  Hexen  2, Hexen World, Heretic 2, Sin, Half-Life, Kingpin, Soldier of Fortun
       1/2, Tribes 2, Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Unreal Tournament 2003/2004,  Rune,  Descent  3,
       Call  of  Duty,  NetPanzer, Unvanquished, Xonotic, Smokin'Guns, Warsow, Alien Arena, Urban
       Terror, Open Arena, World of Padman, ZEQ2 Lite, Enemy Territory:Legacy, Jedi Outcast, Jedi
       Academy  and  many others.  You can look at lots of information about the servers. XQF can
       spawn your client into a selected server with  customized  options.  You  can  also  apply
       filters while searching for servers, trimming full or empty servers, for example.


        XQF accepts several command line parameters:

       --launch [SERVERTYPE] IP
              adds  the server specified with IP (e.g. to the favorites, queries
              it and launches the game. XQF tries to automatically  determine  the  correct  game
              based  on  the  port.  If  the  autodetections fails XQF will ask you for the game.
              Alternatively you may directly specify the game type  on  the  command  line  (e.g.

       --add [SERVERTYPE] IP
              adds  the  specified  server  to the favories and queries it. Basically the same as
              --launch except that the game is not launched ;-)

       --debug level
              set the specified debug level. Use this if you experience problems with XQF.  Level
              3  is usually sufficient for debugging most problems. Higher levels product lots of

              prints the version of XQF.






       XQF is Copyright (C) 1998-2000 Roman Pozlevich.


       This manual page was written by Jordi Mallach and Thomas Debesse for the Debian  GNU/Linux
       system (but may be used by others).
       XQF  was  written  by  Roman  Pozlevich  <>,  and maintained by Jordi Mallach
       <>, Thomas Debesse <>,  Bill  Adams  <>,
       Alex Burger <> and Ludwig Nussel <>.

                                         October 10, 2014                                  XQF(6)