Provided by: xsol_0.31-11_amd64 bug


       xsol - X Solitaire




       This  manual  page briefly documents xsol , a simple Motif/ Lesstif version of the classic
       solitaire game.  It was written for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution because the original
       program does not have a manual page.


       Solitaire  is  a  card  game.  At the start you are presented with seven columns of cards.
       First has only one card, second one has two, third three and so on (28 in total), but only
       the  first  card  in every column is shown ('opened'). Also there is the deck (24 cards at
       the start), and four emtpy places for suit stacks.

       Cards in the deck and in the columns are unsorted, and the object of Solitaire is  to  use
       all  the  cards in the deck to build up the four suit stacks in ascending order, beginning
       with the aces. You can accomplish that by dragging and dropping the  red  onto  the  black
       (and  black  onto the red) cards between the columns, and between the deck and the columns
       (but not the other way around). When you see a whole turned card, click on it  to  see  it
       ('open'  it)  and  to be able to move it somewhere. Deck is opened by clicking on it; once
       you reach the end of the deck, just click once more and you'll reopen it.

       If you reach a point when you can't move any more cards to  the  stacks,  and  rearranging
       cards in columns and the deck gets you nowhere, the game is over. Start it again.


       You  can  access  all  options within the program, through the 'Game' menu. There you have
       four options:
       New game - start a new game,
       Undo - undo last move,
       Options - configure these options:
          Timed game - should we count the seconds?
          Keep score - should we count the score?
          Show number of cards in deck - should we show it?
          Draw one - card from the deck,
          Draw three - cards from the deck.
       About - shows information about the author.
       Exit - quits the game.


       xsol was written by Brian Masney <>, and this manual page  was  written
       by Josip Rodin <>.