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       AdunCore - core module of the Adun molecular simulator


       AdunCore [OPTIONS]


       This manual page documents briefly the AdunCore command.

       AdunCore is the core module of the Adun molecular simulator.  It is launched automatically
       from the UL GUI but can be used from the GNU/Linux console as well.  Options  to  AdunCore
       must  be  specified as value pairs in the form `-Option Value'.  The following options are

              A valid Adun template.  This is the only option that is mandatory.

              A dictionary in plist format.  Its contents extend the externalObjects  section  of
              the template.  If there are duplicate keys this dictionary takes precedence.

              Directory  where  simulation  data  directory  will  be  stored.   (Default  value:

              Directory where controller data will be stored.  (Default value: ControllerOutput)

              If YES log files are created.  If NO they are not.  (Default value: YES)

              File where the program output will be written.  (Default value: AdunCore.log)

              File  where  program  errors  and  warnings  will  be  written.   (Default   value:

              If  YES  the  log  files will be moved to the simulation output directory. (Default
              value: YES)

              If YES the simulation loop is spawned as a separate thread.  The main  thread  then
              enters  a  run loop and can serve external requests.  If NO then interaction is not
              possible with the simulation.  (Default value: NO)

              If YES the simulation registers its existance with a local AdServer  daemon.   This
              allows  the  simulation  to  be  viewed and controlled from the Adun GUI.  (Default
              value: NO)


       UL(1), AdunServer(1), GNUstep(7).


       AdunServer was written by Michael A. Johnston, I. F. Galvn, Jordi  Vill-Freixa,  Alexander
       V. Diemand.

       This  manual page was written by Yavor Doganov <> for the Debian project (but
       may be used by others).

                                         January 19, 2008                             ADUNCORE(1)