Provided by: flowscan_1.006-13.2_all bug

NAME - program to add datasources to an existing RRD

SYNOPSIS <add'l ds> [default_val] [type] [heartbeat] [rrdmin] [rrdmax] < file.xml


       <add'l ds>      number of additional datasources
       [default_val]   default value to be entered in add'l fields
       [type]          type of datasource (i.e. COUNTER, GAUGE...)
       [heatbeat]      length of time in seconds before RRD thinks your DS is dead
       [rrdmin]        minimum value allowed for each datasource
       [rrdmax]        max value allowed for each datasource

       Options  are  read  in  order, so if you want to change the default heartbeat, you need to
       specify the default_val and type as well, etc.

       Output goes to STDOUT.


       add_txrx(1), event2vrule(1), flowscan(1), ip2hostname(1), locker(1)


       This manual page was written by Anibal Monsalve Salazar, for the Debian Project.