Provided by: aegis-tk_4.24.3-3_all bug


        aecomp - compare two changes


        aecomp number [ number ]


        The aecomp script is used to compare two changes, using tkdiff(1) to display the changes.
        If you give one change on the command line, the other change is determined in the usual
        way.  If you give two changes, those are the two compared.  Both changes must be in the
        being developed state (it's only a script, after all).

        Basically, aecomp allows you to specify two project/change pairs (ie the compared changes
        don't have to be in the same branch or project).  aecomp attempts to use defaults (for
        project and change number) where possible.  As a minimum, it needs a single change number
        as an option. A list of files which are common between the two changes is constructed and
        presented.  Double clicking on any of the file names will tkdiff the two versions (ie the
        files in each change).

        It is useful after you have used aeclone(1), then modified a change and subsequently are
        wondering what on earth you did.  Files are considered to be "common" if they have the
        same name.  In the case of a file which has been moved, it's original filename is used
        (the diff of course takes place against the new file name).


        Scott Finneran <>