Provided by: ion_3.2.1+dfsg-1_amd64 bug


       amsd - AMS configuration server and/or registrar daemon


       amsd { @ | MIB_source_name } { . | @ | config_server_endpoint_spec } [application_name
       authority_name registrar_unit_name]


       amsd is a background "daemon" task that functions as an AMS "configuration server" in the
       local continuum, as an AMS "registrar" in a specified cell, or both.

       If MIB_source_name is specified, it must name a MIB initialization file in the correct
       format for amsd, either amsrc(5) or amsxml(5), depending on whether or not -DNOEXPAT was
       set at compile time.  Otherwise @ is required; in this case, the built-in default MIB is

       If this amsd task is NOT to run as a configuration server then the second command-line
       argument must be a '.' character.  Otherwise the second command-line argument must be
       either '@' or config_server_endpoint_spec.  If '@' then the endpoint specification for
       this configuration server is automatically computed as the default endpoint specification
       for the primary transport service as noted in the MIB: "hostname:2357".

       If an AMS module is NOT to be run in a background thread for this daemon (enabling
       shutdown by amsstop(1) and/or runtime MIB update by amsmib(1)), then either the last three
       command-line arguments must be omitted or else the "amsd" role must not be defined in the
       MIB loaded for this daemon.  Otherwise the application_name and authority_name arguments
       are required and the "amsd" role must be defined in the MIB.

       If this amsd task is NOT to run as a registrar then the last command-line argument must be
       omitted.  Otherwise the last three command-line arguments are required and they must
       identify a unit in an AMS venture for the indicated application and authority that is
       known to operate in the local continuum, as noted in the MIB.  Note that the unit name for
       the "root unit" of a venture is the zero-length string "".


       "0" amsd terminated without error.

       -1  amsd terminated due to an anomaly as noted in the ion.log file.  If this termination
           was not commanded, investigate and solve the problem identified in the log file and
           restart amsd.


       If MIB source name is specified, then a file of this name must be present.  Otherwise a
       MIB initialization file with the applicable default name (see amsrc(5)) must be present.


       No environment variables apply.


       The following diagnostics may be issued to the ion.log log file:

       amsd can't load MIB.
           MIB initialization file was missing, unreadable, or invalid.

       amsd can't start CS.
           Configuration server initialization failed for reasons noted in ion.log file.

       amsd can't start RS.
           Registrar initialization failed for reasons noted in ion.log file.


       Report bugs to <>


       amsmib(1), amsstop(1), amsrc(5), amsxml(5)