Provided by: antpm_1.17-2_amd64 bug


       antpm-downloader  -  console  based  ANT-FS  information  retrieval  client for Garmin GPS


       antpm-downloader [ OPTIONS ]


       antpm-downloader is a small command-line utility to retrieve information  (sports  tracks,
       etc.)  from  Garmin  GPS  products over the wireless ANT-FS protocols. Currently supported
       devices are the Forerunner 310XT. It is expected that the Forerunner 60,  Forerunner  610,
       Forerunner 910XT, FR70 and Swim models work, but user feedback is required.


       -P [ --pairing ]
              Force pairing first

              Download and list device directory

       -D [ --download ] arg Download a single file (hex id e.g. 0x12FB) from device

       --erase arg
              Erase a single file (hex id e.g. 0x12FB) from device

       --v arg
              Adjust verbosity level, varies in [1, 6]

   Help options
       -h [ --help ]
              produce help message

       -V [ --version ]
              Print version information


       Make sure you're using the latest released version of ANT+minus.

       Make  sure  that  the  cp210x  kernel  module is loaded: "sudo modprobe cp210x". Verify by
       looking at non-empty output of "lsmod | grep cp210x".

       Make sure that the USB2ANT stick is connected to the machine.

       Make sure cp210x driver was assigned to your USB2ANT. Verify by "dmesg  |  grep  tty"  and
       look  for  a  line  similar  to: "[ 3274.854726] usb 6-2: cp210x converter now attached to
       ttyUSB0". Also make sure "ls /dev/ttyUSB*" lists your device node.

       Your user must be able to access the /dev/ttyUSB0 device. This can be achieved e.g. by the
       installing  the udev rule into
       /etc/udev/rules.d. Restart udev. Verify by "cat /dev/ttyUSB0".

       Install the antpm binary package.

       Enable "pairing mode" on your watch.

       Bring your watch to ~50cm from the USB2ANT stick. Sometimes avoiding the  proximity  of  a
       WiFi network helps.

       Run  antpm-downloader  on your machine. This will attempt connecting to the watch and pair
       with it first.

       During pairing, you have to click "Yes" on the watch to complete pairing.

       Afterwards all activity information from the watch is downloaded to your machine. This can
       take some time.

       The  downloaded  files  are  stored  on  your  machine to the folder ConfigFolder/*device-
       id*/*current-date-time* (where ConfigFolder equals $XDG_CONFIG_HOME which  usually  points
       to $HOME/.config/antpm/ or $ANTPM_DIR/ if that is set).

       The   310XT   stores   all   information   in   .fit   files.  These  files  can  describe

       To convert the downloaded .fit files to a  more  commonly  used  .gpx  format,  issue  the
       command   "antpm-fit2gpx  -F  ConfigFolder/*device-id*/*current-date-time*"  e.g.  "antpm-
       fit2gpx -F ~/.config/antpm/4531082473/2013_03_26_10_58_19". This will populate  the  given
       folder with .gpx files.


       Please open a bug report at

       In your report please include:

              The log of the program in question (usually saved under ~/.config/antpm)?

              What steps will reproduce the problem?

              What is the expected output? What do you see instead?

              What  version of ANT+minus are you using? On what operating system? Is it pre-built
              of from sources?

              What GPS are you trying to use? What firmware version?


       Make sure that the USB2ANT stick is connected to the machine.

       Install      the       libusb       driver       by       running       "3rd_party/libusb-


       Wireless  ANT  communications  happens  over  a  USB2ANT dongle. Under Linux the dongle is
       driven by cp210x kernel module,  and  presented  to  user-space  as  a  USB  serial  port,
       /dev/ttyUSBxxx  where  xxx  is an integer. The dongle is typically carrying the USB vendor
       id/product id pair of 0fcf/1004 or 0fcf/1008. Recent Linux systems employ udev  to  handle
       device nodes and permissions, thus appropriate


       /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/drivers/usb/serial/cp210x.ko
              Kernel driver module for USB2ANT dongle.

              Serial device created for dongle.

       $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/antpm ($HOME/.config/antpm)
              Default config folder (downloaded content is also stored here).

              The  ANTPM_DIR  environment  variable  is  honored  to  override the default config


       antpm-downloader was written by Kristóf Ralovich. This man page is Copyright  ©  2010-2013
       Kristóf Ralovich.