Provided by: altos_1.6-1_amd64 bug


       ao-sky-flash - flash GPS firmware program to a SkyTraq GPS chip


       ao-sky-flash  [-T tty-device] [--tty tty-device] [-D altos-device] [--device altos-device]
       [--loader boot-loader] [--firmware gps-firmware] [--query] [--quiet] [--raw]


       ao-sky-flash loads the specified GPS firmware file into the target GPS chip  flash  memory
       using the specified boot loader.


       -T tty-device | --tty tty-device
              This  selects  which  tty  device  the debugger uses to communicate with the target

       -D AltOS-device | --device AltOS-device
              Search for a connected device. This requires an argument of one  of  the  following


              Leaving  out  the  product  name  will cause the tool to select a suitable product,
              leaving out the serial number will cause the tool to match  one  of  the  available

       --loader boot-loader
              This specifies the desired boot loader to use for reflashing the device. You should
              use srec_115200.bin unless you have a good reason not  to.  This  should  be  in  S
              record format.

       --firmware gps-firmware
              This  specifies  the  new  GPS  firmware image to load onto the target GPS chip. No
              checking is done on this device at  all;  flash  garbage  and  the  GPS  chip  will
              probably fail to boot.

              Instead  of  loading new firmware, query the current version of firmware running on
              the target device.

              Normally, ao-spy-flash is  quite  chatty.  This  shuts  it  up,  except  for  error

       --raw  The  expected  target  for  reflashing is an Altus Metrum product with the GPS chip
              connected to the CPU on that board and not directly to the USB  serial  port.  This
              option  says  that  the  target  GPS  chip is directly connected, which changes how
              things are initialized a bit.


       ao-sky-flash loads the specified bootloader into device RAM and then uses that to load new
       firmware to flash.


       Keith Packard

                                           ao-sky-flash                           AO-SKY-FLASH(1)