Provided by: apvlv_0.1.1-1.2_amd64 bug


     apvlv — PDF/DJVU/UMD viewer with vim-like behaviour


     apvlv [options] [file]


     apvlv is a PDF/DJVU/UMD viewer, which behaves like vim.


     -c file
        Load configuration from file instead of the default ~/.apvlvrc

        Show help message and exit

        Show version and exit


     The following command keys can be used inside apvlv.  Some of them may be prefixed by a
     number (as in pressing "13G"), this is indicated by a count in their description.  Unless
     noted otherwise, the default value for the number is 1.

     o       Display file chooser to open a PDF/DJVU/UMD file

     O       Select a directory to display

     R       Reload the current file

     r       Rotate the document clockwise by 90 degrees

     G       Show page number count

     gt      Show next tab

     gT      Show previous tab

     PageDown, C-f
             Go forward count pages

     PageUp, C-b
             Go backward count pages

     C-d     Go forward count half pages

     C-u     Go backward count half pages

     H       Scroll to page head

     M       Scroll to page middle

     L       Scroll to page bottom

     s       skip some pages count

     C-p, Up, k
             Scroll up count units

     C-n, Down, h
             Scroll down count units

     Backspace, Left, h
             Scroll left count units

     Space, Right, l
             Scroll right count units

     / string
             Search forwards for string

     ? string
             Search backwards for string

     f       Toggle between fullscreen and window mode

     zi      Zoom in

     zo      Zoom out

     zw      Zoom to fit window width

     zh      Zoom to fit window height

     m char  Mark the current position to char, so that it can be recalled by pressing char

     ' char  Return to the mark position char

     ''      Return to the last position

     q       Close the current window

     v       Select a area

     C-v     Select a rectange area

     y       copy the select area text to clipboard


     These can be set in ~/.apvlvrc with "set setting [= value]".

     fullscreen = yes/no
             Enable/Disable fullscreen

     width = int
             Default window width

     height = int
             Default window height

     defaultdir = path
             Default directory for the open dialogue

     zoom = mode
             Set default zoom level

             normal  The application sets the default zoom value

                     Fit pages to window width

                     Fit pages to window height

             float   1.0 for 100%, 2.0 for 200%, etc.

     content = yes/no
             Show content view first

     continuous = yes/no
             Show PDF/DJVU/UMD pages continuously or not.

     continuouspad = int
             Padding betwen pages for continuous = yes

     autoscrollpage = yes/no
             Enable/Disable scrolling the pages when hitting a page tail/head

     noinfo = yes/no
             Disable/Enable the usage of ~/.apvlvinfo

     pdfcache = int
             Set pdf cache size

             Disable/Enable cache

     scrollbar = yes/no
             Set show scrollbar or not

     visualmode = yes/no
             Set use visual mode to select and copy text or not

     wrapscan = yes/no
             Set wrapscan to search text or not

     doubleclick = action
             Set default double click action

             none    Selection nothing

             word    Selection a word under the curcor to clipboard

             line    Selection a line under the curcor to clipboard

             page    Selection a page under the curcor to clipboard

     guioptions = m/T/mT
             Weather display menu, toolbar or mean and toolbar.

     autoreload = int
             If auto reload document after some seconds
     If use inverted mode for pdf page


     Like the COMMANDS, but prefixed with a colon:

             Display the help document

     :h[elp] info
             Display the help document (section "introduction")

     :h[elp] command
             Display the help document (section "command")

     :h[elp] setting
             Display the help document (section "setting")

     :h[elp] prompt
             Display the help document (section "prompt")

             Close the current window

     :o[pen] file
             Open file

     :doc file
             Load file into the current window

     :TOtext [file]
             Translate file (or the current page) to a text file

             Print the current document

             Create a new tab

     :sp     Horizontally split the current window

     :vsp    Vertically split the current window

     :fp, :forwardpage [int]
             Go forward int pages (1 by default)

     :bp, :prewardpage [int]
             Go backward int pages (1 by default)

     :g, :goto int
             Go to page int

     :z[oom] mode
             Set zoom to mode (see "set zoom" in SETTINGS)

     :int    Go to page int


     apvlv was written by Alf <>.

     This manual page was originally written by Stefan Ritter <> for the Debian
     project (but may be used by others), and was rewritten more beautifully by Daniel Friesel