Provided by: libaria-demo_2.8.0+repack-1ubuntu2_amd64 bug


       aria-demo - demonstration program for the Aria library


       aria-demo [-remoteHost|-rh remoteHostNameOrIP ] [-robotPort|-rp robotSerialPort ] ...


       This manual page documents briefly the aria-demo program.

       aria-demo uses "Modes" defined in ARIA to provide keyboard control of many different robot
       features.  Use this utility to experiment and test the robot's hardware.


       aria-demo accepts all command line options recognized  by  ARIA  library.   A  summary  of
       options is included below.

   ArRobotConnector options
       -rh, -remoteHost <remoteHostNameOrIP>
              Specify the hostname or the IP address of the robot to connect to.

       -rp. -robotPort <robotSerialPort>
              Specify the serial port on which the robots microcontroller is connected.

       -rb, -robotBaud <baud>
              Set the baud rate for the serial connection.

       -rrtp, -remoteRobotTcpPort <remoteRobotTcpPort>
              Set the TCP port of the remote robot.

       -ris, -remoteIsSim
              Indicate that the remote robot is simulated.

       -rins, -remoteIsNotSim

       -rlpr, -robotLogPacketsReceived

       -rlps, -robotLogPacketsSent

       -rlmr, -robotLogMovementReceived

       -rlms, -robotLogMovementSent

       -rlvr, -robotLogVelocitiesReceived

       -rla, -robotLogActions

   ArLaserConnector options
       The  following  options  work accross different laser sensors that may be installed on the
       robot.  Read the documentation (provided in the libaria-dev-doc package) for details.

       -lp, -laserPort <laserPort>

       -lpt, -laserPortType <serial|tcp|serial422>

       -rltp, -remoteLaserTcpPort <remoteLaserTcpPort>

       -lf, -laserFlipped <true|false>

       -lmr, -laserMaxRange <maxRange>

       -lair, -laserAdditionalIgnoreReadings <readings>


       Aria library and this demo program was written by MobileRobots/Adept.

       This manual page was written by Srećko Jurić-Kavelj <>,  for  the
       Debian project (and may be used by others).

                                             MAY 2013                                ARIA-DEMO(1)