Provided by: gdb-arm-none-eabi_7.10-1ubuntu3+9_amd64 bug


       simulator - manual page for simulator (7.10-1ubuntu3+9) 7.10


       arm-none-eabi-run [options] program [program args]


       --memory-delete ADDRESS|all, --delete-memory ADDRESS
              Delete memory at ADDRESS (all addresses)

       --memory-region ADDRESS,SIZE[,MODULO]
              Add a memory region

       --memory-alias ADDRESS,SIZE{,ADDRESS}
              Add memory shadow

       --memory-size <size>[in bytes, Kb (k suffix), Mb (m suffix) or Gb (g suffix)]
              Add memory at address zero

       --memory-fill VALUE
              Fill subsequently added memory regions

              Clear subsequently added memory regions

       --memory-mapfile FILE
              Memory-map next memory region from file

       --memory-info, --info-memory
              List configurable memory regions

              List mapped regions

       -p[on|off], --profile[=on|off]
              Perform profiling

              Perform instruction profiling

              Perform memory profiling

              Perform CORE profiling

              Perform model profiling

       --profile-cpu-frequency CPU FREQUENCY
              Specify the speed of the simulated cpu clock

       --profile-file FILE NAME
              Specify profile output file

              Perform PC profiling

       -F PC PROFILE FREQUENCY, --profile-pc-frequency PC PROFILE FREQUENCY
              Specified PC profiling frequency

       -S PC PROFILE SIZE, --profile-pc-size PC PROFILE SIZE
              Specify PC profiling size

       --profile-pc-granularity PC PROFILE GRANULARITY
              Specify PC profiling sample coverage

       --profile-pc-range BASE,BOUND
              Specify PC profiling address range

       -t[on|off], --trace[=on|off]
              Trace useful things

              Perform instruction tracing

              Trace instruction decoding

              Trace instruction extraction

              Perform line number tracing (implies --trace-insn)

              Trace memory operations

              Trace ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) operations

              Trace FPU (Floating Point Unit) operations

              Trace VPU (Vector Processing Unit) operations

              Trace branching

              Perform ALU, FPU, VPU, MEMORY, and BRANCH tracing

              Include model performance data

              Trace core operations

              Trace events

              Trace system calls

              Trace cpu register accesses

              Add information useful for debugging the simulator to the tracing output

       --trace-file FILE NAME
              Specify tracing output file

       -v, --verbose
              Verbose output

       -E big|little, --endian big|little
              Set endianness

       --environment user|virtual|operating
              Set running environment

       --alignment strict|nonstrict|forced
              Set memory access alignment

       -D, --debug
              Print debugging messages

              Print instruction debugging messages

       --debug-file FILE NAME
              Specify debugging output file

       --do-command COMMAND

       -H, --help
              Print help information

              Print version information

       --architecture MACHINE
              Specify the architecture to use

       --architecture-info, --info-architecture
              List supported architectures

       --target BFDNAME
              Specify the object-code format for the object files

       --sysroot SYSROOT
              Root for system calls with absolute file-names and cwd at start

       Note: Depending on the simulator configuration some options

              may not be applicable

       program args    Arguments to pass to simulated program.

              Note: Very few simulators support this.


       The  full  documentation for simulator is maintained as a Texinfo manual.  If the info and
       simulator programs are properly installed at your site, the command

              info simulator

       should give you access to the complete manual.