Provided by: python-ase_3.9.1.4567-3_all bug


       ase-gui - graphical user interface for ASE


       ase-gui [options] [file[, file2, ...]]


       See   the   online   manual   (   for  more


              show program's version number and exit

       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

       -n NUMBER, --image-number=NUMBER
              Pick image(s) from trajectory.  NUMBER can be  a  single  number  (use  a  negative
              number  to count from the back) or a range: start:stop:step, where the ":step" part
              can be left out - default values are 0:nimages:1.

       -u I, --show-unit-cell=I
              0: Don't show unit cell.  1: Show unit cell.  2: Show all of unit cell.

       -r REPEAT, --repeat=REPEAT
              Repeat unit cell.  Use "-r 2" or "-r 2,3,1".

       -R ROTATIONS, --rotations=ROTATIONS
              Examples: "-R -90x", "-R 90z,-30x".

       -o FILE, --output=FILE
              Write configurations to FILE.

       -g EXPR, --graph=EXPR
              Plot x,y1,y2,... graph from configurations or write  data  to  sdtout  in  terminal
              mode.    Use  the  symbols:  i,  s,  d,  fmax,  e,  ekin,  A,  R,  E  and  F.   See
     #plotting-data for more details.

       -t, --terminal
              Run in terminal window - no GUI.

       --aneb Read ANEB data.

              Interpolate N images between 2 given images.

       -b, --bonds
              Draw bonds between atoms.

       -s FLOAT, --scale=FLOAT
              Scale covalent radii.

       -v, --verbose
              Verbose mode.