Provided by: rsbac-admin_1.4.0-repack-0ubuntu5_amd64 bug


       attr_get_process - get RSBAC attributes on the selected process


       attr_get_process [-pna] {module} {pid} {attribute} [bit-no]


       If  you want to get RSBAC attribute on some process, you may use attr_get_process utility.
       Check appropriate documentation about possible attributes and values for module  you  want
       to administrate or use -a option to see full list.


       -p     print all request names

       -n     list all request names

       -a     list attributes and values

       module one of the possible RSBAC modules, e.g., GEN, MAC, FC, SIM, PM, MS, FF, RC or AUTH

       bit-no additional   parameter   for   vector   based   attributes,   like  categories  and
              log_program_based. Value 0 means no, and 1 means yes.


       Amon Ott <>.