Provided by: babeltrace_1.3.2-1_amd64 bug


       babeltrace-log — Babeltrace Log Converter


       babeltrace-log [OPTIONS] OUTPUT


       Convert for a text log (read from standard input) to CTF.

       This  program follow the usual GNU command line syntax with long options starting with two
       dashes. Below is a summary of the available options.

       OUTPUT Output trace path

       -t     With timestamps (format: [sec.usec] string\n)

       SEE ALSO

       babeltrace(1), lttng(1), lttng-ust(3), lttng-sessiond(8)


       No knows bugs at this point.

       If you encounter any issues or usability problem, please report it  on  our  mailing  list
       <> to help improve this project.


       Babeltrace and the babeltrace library are distributed under the MIT license. See the files
       LICENSE and mit-license.txt for details.

       A Web site is available at  for  more  information  on
       Babeltrace  and  the Common Trace Format. See for more information on the
       LTTng project.

       Mailing list for support and development: <>.

       You can find us on IRC server (OFTC) in #lttng.


       Thanks to the Linux Foundation and Ericsson for funding part of this work. Thanks  to  the
       Multicore  Association  Tool  Infrastructure  Working  Group  for their active role in the
       creation of the Common Trace Format.


       Babeltrace was originally written by Mathieu Desnoyers, with additional contributions from
       various    other    people.    It   is   currently   maintained   by   Mathieu   Desnoyers

                                        February 16, 2012                       BABELTRACE-LOG(1)