Provided by: cbootimage_1.4-1_amd64 bug


       bct_dump — tegra boot config table (bct) dumping utility


       bct_dump [bct filename to read and display]


       This manual page documents briefly the bct_dump command.

       bct_dump is used to convert the contents of a boot config table (BCT) used in NVIDIA Tegra
       devices, ready to be further proceeded by cbootimage (1).  The BCT is  usually  placed  in
       the first bytes of the storage device and can be extracted using tegrarcm(1).

       The BCT is a data structure that provides basic initialization parameters, and defines the
       bootloader to execute.

       The BCT contains:

          ·  Header information, such as cryptographic validation hashes and size information.

          ·  Boot memory configuration. This allows the boot memory controller to  be  programmed
             optimally, in order to read the bootloader.

          ·  SDRAM  controller  configuration. This allows the SDRAM controller to be programmed,
             and hence external SDRAM accessed.

          ·  A bad block table.

          ·  Information about the bootloader to execute.

          ·  A "customer data" area, which may be used to store arbitrary  customer-  or  device-
             software-specific data. This area includes the ODMDATA.


       filename  bcd filename to read and display.


       cbootimage(1), tegrarcm(1).

              Internet   resource  for  NVIDIA  Tegra  public  application  notes  (link  to  URL


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       may  be  used  by  others).   Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this
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       published by the Free Software Foundation.

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