Provided by: siege_3.0.8-1_amd64 bug


       bombardment - Run Siege with an ever-increasing number of users


       bombardment [urlfile] [initial number of clients] [increment value] [number of increments]
       bombardment urlfile.txt 5 10 20 1


       bombardment is part of the Siege package.  It  calls  siege  with  an  initial  number  of
       clients.   When  that  run  finishes, it immediately calls siege again with that number of
       clients plus the increment.  It does this the number of  times  specified  in  the  fourth


              The name of the file containing one or more URLs for siege to test.

       initial number of clients
              The number of clients to be used on the first Siege run.

       increment value
              The number of clients to add from run to run.

       number of increments
              The number of times to run siege.

       delay  The is the amount of time, in seconds, that each client will wait between requests.
              The Siege default of 3 is overridden by bombardment and is 15.


       bombardment can very easily overcome process and filehandle limits.   Siege  DOES  give  a
       warning  if it is going to exceed 600 concurrent processes.  See your system documentation
       (or try ulimit -a) for information on the limits of your system before using a high number
       of concurrent users.


       siege(1), urls_txt(5), layingsiege(7), siege2csv(1)


       Written by Peter Hutnick <>