Provided by: bioperl_1.6.924-3_all bug


       bp_chaos_plot - a chaos plot from DNA and RNA sequences

 -i/--input=INPUTFILE -f/--format=SEQFORMAT
               -o/--output=OUTPUTFILE -g/--graphics=GRAPHIC FORMAT
               -w/--width=WIGHT -h/--height=HEIGHT


       This scripts generates image files using GD image library to visualize nucleotide
       sequences using chaos plot.


       Valid graphics formats are currently gd, gd2, png, wbmp, jpeg and gif.

       The default size of the image file is 600x400.

       The sequence input can be provided using any of the three methods:

       unnamed argument
            bp_chaos_plot filename

       named argument
            bp_chaos_plot -i filename

       standard input
            bp_chaos_plot < filename


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AUTHOR - Jason Stajich



       This code is based on EMBOSS C code for chaos.c by Ian Longden.  Included are
       documentation from EMBOSS code:

       Chaos produces a chaos plot.  The original application is part of the ACEDB genome
       database package, written by ** Richard Durbin (MRC LMB, UK), and
       Jean Thierry-Mieg (CRBM du CNRS, France)