Provided by: bioperl_1.6.924-3_all bug


       bp_local_taxonomydb_query - query a local TaxonomyDB for species or taxonid


       This script provides an example implementation of access to a local Taxonomy database
       implemented with Berkeley DB (DB_File module is needed).


        bp_local_taxonomydb_query.PLS: [-v] --nodes nodes.dmp --names names.dmp "Genus1 species1" "Genus2 species2"

       Providing the nodes.dmp and names.dmp files from the NCBI Taxonomy dump (see
       Bio::DB::Taxonomy::flatfile for more info) is only necessary on the first time running.
       This will create the local indexes and may take quite a long time.  However once created,
       these indexes will allow fast access for species to taxon id OR taxon id to species name