Provided by: bioperl_1.6.924-3_all bug


       bp_query_entrez_taxa - query Entrez taxonomy database and print out information


       bp_query_entrez_taxa "Homo sapiens" "Saccharomyces cerevisiae" Rhizopus Metazoa
       bp_query_entrez_taxa -gi 28800981 -gi 54301680 -db nucleotide bp_query_entrez_taxa -gi
       71836523 -db protein

        Provide the genus and species name in quotes, you can also query for
        a non-species node like Family or Order

       Command-line options:
          -v or --verbose  : print verbose debugging info
          -gi              : one or many GI numbers to lookup taxon id for
          -db              : the sequence db (nucleotide or protein) the GI is for

          other arguments are assumed to be species names to lookup in taxonomy db


       Jason Stajich jason-at-bioperl-dot-org