Provided by: bubblefishymon_0.6.4-6_amd64 bug


       bubblefishymon - system load meter with ducks and fish


       bubblefishymon [options] [program] [program]


       This  manual  page  documents  briefly  the  bubblefishymon command.  This manual page was
       written for the Debian distribution because the original program does not  have  a  manual

       bubblefishymon  is  a dockapp-style system monitor for CPU, memory, swap, load average and
       network traffic.  Based on wmfishtime(1) and bubblemon, this program has been considerably
       improved over the parent code.

       The  higher the water level, the more memory is in use.  The more profuse the bubbles, the
       higher the CPU usage.  Fish represent network traffic direction and speed.

       When the mouse is moved into the window, the display will change to chow the load history,
       or,  if  the  right  Shift  key is held, the current memory usage.  If you press the right
       mouse button, the window will freeze in that state until you move the mouse out then  back
       into the window.

       program1  and  program2  are  the  programs  to spawn when either the left or middle mouse
       buttons are pressed, respectively.


       -d     disable swimming duck.

       -u     disable upside-down duck.

       -f     disable fish.

       -c     disable CPU meter.

       -m     disable memory screen.

       -p     use alternate colour scheme in memory info screen.

       -k     display memory and swap statistics in megabytes.

              fish represents network traffic [on <iface>].

       -t     draw the clock too.

       -h     display help.


       wmbubble(1) bubblemon-gnome1(1)


       This  manual   page   was   taken   and   adapted   from   wmbubble   by   Gurkan   Sengun
       <>,   and   modified   for  the  Debian  system  by  Jamie  Wilkinson
       <>.  The original manual page for wmbubble was written by John H.  Robinson,
       IV  <>  for  the  for  the  Debian  GNU/Linux  system (but may be used by

                                        September 6, 2002                       BUBBLEFISHYMON(1)