Provided by: vice_2.4.dfsg+2.4.25-2_amd64 bug


       c1541 - a stand alone disk image maintenance program


       c1541 [options] [image]


       c1541  is a stand alone program that can be used for D64, D71, D81, X64 and G64 disk image
       file maintenance.  It is part of the VICE emulator.

       c1541 can be used both in interactive and batch mode.  It will start in  interactive  mode
       if  no  images  and no options are specified or if one image is specified; when started in
       interactive mode, command line editing and command history are available.

       Each command line option for use in batch mode has an interactive mode  counterpart,  that
       is shown in parenthesis.

       -attach image (attach image)
               attach  image  for use.  All consequent commands in interactive mode will refer to
               this image.

       -detach image (detach image)
               detach image from c1541.

       -format image (format image 'name,id')
              format the disk image image with the specified label.  image is created if it  does
              not exist.

       -delete image files... (delete files...)
              delete files from image

       -list image (list)
              list directory of image.

       -validate image (validate)
              validate mage.

       -copy image oldname1 [oldname2...] newname (copy oldname1 [oldname2...] newname)
              concatenate  oldname1,  oldname2...  into  newname  on  image  (can be used to copy

       -create image dump ['descr'] (create image dump ['descr']
              build image from raw dump file dump (i.e. convert from D64 to X64 file).

       -tape image tapeimage [files...] (tape image tapeimage [files...])
              transfer files from tapeimage to image (default is all files).

       -read image 1541name [fsname] (read 1541name [fsname])
              extract 1541name from the disk image into fsname (1541name by default) from image.

       -extract image (extract).
              extract all files from image.

       -write image fsname [1541name] (write fsname [1541name])
              write fsname to image as 1541name (fsname by default).  (works with  P00  files  as

       -block [drive:] [track] [sector] [disp] (block [drive:] [track] [sector] [disp])
              show disk blocks in hex format.

       -info image ['descr'] (info ['descr'])
              show version information about image.

       When  more  than  one  command is specified in batch mode, all of them are executed in the
       same order they have on the command line.

       If you use - as a file name, it stands for stdin or stdout.


       VICE(1), petcat(1)


       Teemu Rantanen <>
       Ettore Perazzoli <>
       Andreas Boose <>
       Jouko Valta <>

       with improvements by

       Olaf Seibert <>
       Gerhard Wesp <>