Provided by: nordugrid-arc-arex_5.0.5-1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       cache-list - List contents of the A-REX cache.


       cache-list [-h] [-c config_file] [url1 [url2 [...]]]


       -h - print short help

       -c  -  configuration file from which to read cache information. The ARC_CONFIG environment
       variable can be set in place of this option.

       cache-list is used to list all files present in each cache or, given a  list  of  URLs  as
       arguments,  shows  the  location  of each URL in the cache if present. If no arguments are
       given, it prints to stdout each cache directory specified in the configuration file then a
       list  of  files  in each cache directory and the corresponding URLs of their source in the

       url filename

       If arguments are given, each cache is checked for the existence of each URL. If a  URL  is
       present in the cache then the URL and filename are printed to stdout in the above format.

       This tool can be useful for finding out if a certain URL is stored in the cache, or simply
       to give a list of all URLs in the cache.


       APACHE LICENSE Version 2.0


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