Provided by: fp-utils-3.0.0_3.0.0+dfsg-2_amd64 bug


       chmls - The FPC Pascal CHM utility


       chmls [options] [command] [command specific parameters]


       The  chmls  utility  performs  several  CHM  related  functions,  such as listing CHM file
       contents, extracting one file or the whole archive and extracting special files. Archiving
       however is the domain of the chmcmd utility


        list <filename> [section number]
              Shows  contents  of the archive's directory. The section number can be 0 or 1, when
              no section number is specified, content from both sections is displayed.

        extract <chm filename> <filename to extract> [saveasname]
              Extracts file "filename to get" from archive "filename", and, if  specified,  saves
              it to [saveasname].

        extractall <chm filename> [directory]
              Extracts all files from archive "filename" to directory "directory"

       unblockchm <filespec1> [filespec2] ..
              (Windows  only)  Mass  unblocks  (XPsp2+)  the  relevant  CHMs.  Multiple files and
              wildcards allowed

       extractalias <chmfilename> [basefilename] [symbolprefix]
              Extracts   context   info   from   file   "chmfilename"   to   basefilename.h   and
              basefilename.ali, using symbols "symbolprefix" + contextnr

       extracttoc <chmfilename> [filename]
              Extracts the toc (mainly to check binary TOC)

       extractindex <chmfilename> [filename]
              Extracts the index (mainly to check binary index)

              For backwards compatibility reasons, the list command is default.


       -h, --help
              Show help text

       -p, --no-page
              Do not page list command output

       -n, --name-only
              Only show "name" column in list command output


              chmcmd(1) fpc(1) fpdoc(1)