Provided by: clamav_0.99+dfsg-1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       clambc - Bytecode Analysis and Testing Tool


       clambc <file> [function] [param1 ...]


       --help                 -h
              Show help

       --version              -V
              Show version

              Show debug

       --force-interpreter   -f
              Force using the interpreter instead of the JIT

       --trust-bytecode      -t
              Trust loaded bytecode (default yes)

       --info                 -i
              Print information about bytecode

       --printsrc             -p
              Print bytecode source

       --printbcir            -c
              Print IR of bytecode signature

       --input                -r
              Input file to run the bytecode on

       --trace <level>        -T
              Set bytecode trace level 0..7 (default 7)

              Don't show source line during tracing

              Collect and print bytecode execution statistics

       file   file to test


       Please check the full documentation for credits.

       Clam   AntiVirus   Bytecode   Analysis   and   Testing  Tool  0.98  By  The  ClamAV  Team:

       (C) 2009-2013 Sourcefire, Inc.

       (C) 2014 Cisco Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved