Provided by: classified-ads_0.09-1_amd64 bug


       classified-ads - Program for posting ads online for others to see




       Classified  ads is a program for online communications.  Main features include server-less
       design, public announcements,  private  messages,  user  data  and  comments.  For  longer
       explanation of the program, please see "About" dialog inside the program.


       For  each  individual  user  a  file $HOME/.classified_ads/sqlite_db is created. This is a
       normal sqlite database that contains state of the program. For backup purpose a  copy  may
       be  made  and later restored while the program is not running. Restoring an old file fully
       resets the programs state to moment when backup was taken.

       Upon uninstall of the program, the datafile is left lingering around.  Users who are  sure
       they'll  never  user  the  program  again  should delete the file by hand. Note that users
       encryption keys are inside this file among other data so deleting  the  file  will  affect
       users ability to access private messages later.


       Classified ads is copyright Antti Jarvinen 2015.

                                           Mar 01 2015                          CLASSIFIED_ADS(1)