Provided by: ruby-clockwork_1.2.0-3_all bug


       clockworkd - daemon executing clockwork scripts


       clockworkd [-c FILE] [OPTIONS] {start|stop|restart|run}


       clockworkd executes clockwork script as a daemon.

       You will need the daemons gem to use clockworkd. It is not automatically installed, please
       install by yourself.


              Alternate directory in which to store the process ids. Default is GEM_LOCATION/tmp.

       -i, --identifier=STR
              An identifier for the process. Default is clock file name.

       -l, --log
              Redirect both STDOUT and STDERR to a logfile  named  clockworkd[.identifier].output
              in the pid-file directory.

              A specific directory to put the log files into. Default location is pid directory.

       -m, --monitor
              Start monitor process.

       -c, --clock=FILE
              Clock .rb file. Default is GEM_LOCATION/clock.rb.

       -d, --dir=DIR
              Directory to change to once the process starts

       -h, --help
              Show help message.


       If you find a bug, please create an issue

       For a bug fix or a feature request, please send a pull-request. Do not forget to add tests
       to show how your feature works, or what bug is fixed. All existing  tests  and  new  tests
       must pass (TravisCI is watching).


       Created by Adam Wiggins.

       Inspired by rufus-scheduler and resque-scheduler.

       Design assistance from Peter van Hardenberg and Matthew Soldo.

       Patches contributed by Mark McGranaghan and Lukáš Konarovský.