Provided by: cmtk_3.2.2-1.4_amd64 bug


       statistics - Image statistics


       statistics [options] ImageFile0 [ImageFile1 ...]


       Statistical computations on image pixel intensities, i.e., means and standard deviations


   Global Toolkit Options (these are shared by all CMTK tools)
            Write list of basic command line options to standard output.

            Write complete list of basic and advanced command line options to standard output.

            Write list of command line options to standard output in MediaWiki markup.

            Write man page source in 'nroff' markup to standard output.

            Write toolkit version to standard output.

            Write the current command line to standard output.

       --verbose-level <integer>
            Set verbosity level.

       --verbose, -v
            Increment verbosity level by 1 (deprecated; supported for backward compatibility).

       --threads <integer>
            Set maximum number of parallel threads (for POSIX threads and OpenMP).

   Main Options
       --label, -l
            Interpret voxel values as labels

       --gray, -g
            Interpret voxel values as gray values (default) [This is the default]

       --log, -L
            Apply log() function to data

       --exp, -e
            Apply exp() function to data

       --num-bins <integer>, -n <integer>
            Number of histogram bins.  [Default: 256]

       --column, -C
            Write statistics in column format rather than line format.

       --e-notation, -E
            Write floating point numbers in #e# notation (i.e., 1e-3 instead of 0.001)

       --mask <string>, -m <string>
            Analyze region based on binary mask file [Default: disabled]

       --Mask <string>, -M <string>
            Analyze regions separately based on mask file (label field).  [Default: NONE]

       --mask-output-all-up-to <integer>
            Output  results for all mask values up to given value, even such that do not actually
            appear in the mask.  [Default: 0]

       --percentile <double>, -p <double>
            Add value to list of percentile to compute.


       Torsten Rohlfing, with contributions from Michael  P.  Hasak,  Greg  Jefferis,  Calvin  R.
       Maurer, Daniel B. Russakoff, and Yaroslav Halchenko



       Report bugs at


       CMTK is developed with support from the NIAAA under Grant AA021697, National Consortium on
       Alcohol and Neurodevelopment in Adolescence (N-CANDA): Data  Integration  Component.  From
       April  2009  through September 2011, CMTK development and maintenance was supported by the
       NIBIB under Grant EB008381.