Provided by: axe_6.1.2-16.2_amd64 bug


       aXe - an X editor


       axe [ -toolkitoption ...] [ -option ... ] [ filename ... ] [ -buffer filename ...]


       aXe  is  a  simple to use text editor for X that represents a significant improvement over
       xedit. Also built around the Athena Text Widget it features, amongst other things,

          o multiple windows
          o multiple buffers
          o default menu interface
          o configurable menus
          o optional configurable button interface
          o minibuffer for expert use and access to external filters
          o provision for defining a keyboard macro
          o geometry specification and resizing in terms of characters
          o file selection via a browser
          o knowledge of line numbers
          o parenthesis matching
          o regular expression searching
          o restricted or unlimited undo
          o ability to change font
          o easy entry of control codes
          o xterm-like keymap feature
          o easy runtime setting of selected preferences (resources)
          o both brief and comprehensive (hypertext) on-line help
          o server mode with cooperating client programs
          o optional extension language using Tcl
          o optional Xaw3d widget set compatability
          o collection of reusable widgets that embody the functionality of aXe

       By default aXe provides a menu interface to some common Text Widget operations and most of
       its extra features. An optional button interface, in which there is one button present for
       every static menu entry, can be selected via the keyword -buttons, or by setting  the  top
       level resource buttons.  A reduced button interface is configurable.

       Individual file names on the command line will be allocated to separate windows. A list of
       file names introduced by the keyword -buffer will be allocated to buffers belonging to the
       same window (an older, still supported feature, enables the same to be achieved by quoting
       the list of names). Note that files destined for individual windows must precede those for
       buffers  if  the  -buffer  keyword  is  used.  An initial number of windows to open can be
       specified on the command line by using the keyword -windows or by  giving  the  top  level
       resource  windows a numeric value.  The value of windows is ignored if the files specified
       on the command line require more than that number of windows.

       If a top level geometry resource is provided, e.g. by using the toolkit keyword -geometry,
       then  the  width  and height fields will be interpreted to mean the numbers of columns and
       rows respectively that editing widnows are to have.

       aXe also acts as a server of editing windows to cooperating clients.  Two, coaxe and faxe,
       are provided as part of the aXe suite. Server mode is the default, but can be switched off
       by using the command line keyword -noserver, or by setting the top level  resource  server

       aXe has comprehensive on-line help, so, to avoid having to keep the information up to date
       in two places, it will not be duplicated here.


       That aXe makes use of code from Byron Rakitzis' rc command interpreter that  is  based  on
       AT&T's Plan 9 shell of the same name is duly acknowledged.


       xedit(1), Athena Widget (Xaw) documentation


       Jim Wight (
       Department of Computing Science, University of Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, NE1 7RU