Provided by: fbset_2.1-28_amd64 bug


       con2fbmap - shows and sets mapping between consoles and framebuffer devices.


       con2fbmap console [framebuffer]


       This documentation is not finished

       con2fbmap  is a system utility to show or change the mapping of the consoles  to the frame
       buffer device. The frame buffer device provides a simple and unique  interface  to  access
       different kinds of graphic displays.

       Frame  buffer devices are accessed via special device nodes located in the /dev directory.
       The naming scheme for these nodes is always fb<n>, where n is the number of the used frame
       buffer device.


       The  first option must be there, and identify the console on which to work.  If the second
       option is not set, con2fbmap shows the current  mapping  of  identified  console.  If  the
       second  argument  is  given  (as  a  number) con2fbmap maps the identified console to said
       framebuffer device.

       Sven LUTHER <>