Provided by: copyfs_1.0.1-5_amd64 bug


       copyfs-mount - mounts a versioned file system


       copyfs-mount version-directory mount-point


       This  script lets you mount a CopyFS file system. version-directory is the directory where
       the files and version information will be stored by CopyFS.

       When using CopyFS for the first time, copyfs-mount will create the required files  in  the
       version-directory  before  running  copyfs-daemon.  mount-point is the directory where the
       copyfs file system will be mounted. This is where the users will have access to the files.

       If you want to mount a CopyFS at '/mnt/fs', whose version directory is  at  /var/versions,
       you would use:

            root@host# copyfs-mount /var/versions /mnt/fs

       To unmount it, simply do:

            root@host# umount /mnt/fs

       As you would do for any other filesystem.

       You  can  also  allow  an  ordinary non-root users to mount and unmount CopyFS filesystems
       provided that the user is added to the 'fuse' group. Ordinary users will be  able  unmount
       the filesystem, using the fusermount command:

            $ fusermount -u mount-point


       CopyFS was created by Thomas Joubert and Nicolas Vigier <>


       <> CopyFS web site.

       <> FUSE - Filesystem in USErspace


       copyfs(1), copyfs-fversion(1), copyfs-daemon(1), fusermount(1)