Provided by: cream-melange_0.5.2-2_all bug


       cream-melange - Cream Melange Widget System




       cream-melange provides a transparent HTML widget layer that can be used as an alternative
       to the desktop shell of your currently running desktop environment. The Melange widget
       system is part of the Cream Desktop Environment.

       The Melange widget system (cream-melange) provides an easy to use API for creating widgets
       for your desktop environment. Creating Melange widgets is very simple.

       Basically Melange widgets are simple HTML pages and you do not have to know GTK+ in order
       to write nice widgets. You can use everything HTML offers you, including new HTML5
       features such as the canvas element. Furthermore CSS and Javascript can be used to extend
       the HTML.

       As if that isn't enough you can use Python to collect and process data, which then can be
       used in your widget.

       cream-melange expects to be run on a window manager that supports compositing (e.g.
       mutter). Launch it and start setting up your HTML based desktop shell (by right-clicking
       on your desktop's background).


       This manual has been written by Mike Gabriel <> for the
       Debian project and may be used by others.