Provided by: dbconfig-common_2.0.4ubuntu1_all bug


       dbconfig-load-include - parse custom format db config files


       dbconfig-load-include  [-hv]  [-a] [-d[varname]] [-u[varname]] [-p[varname]] [-s[varname]]
       [-P[varname]] [-t[varname]] -f format infile


       dbconfig-load-include is a program to parse custom format  include  files  containing  the
       information  necessary  to  connect  a  program to a database resource.  This is primarily
       intended to be used by the dbconfig-common package to import database settings of packages
       with  pre-existing  configurations  that  have  migrated  to  dbconfig-common.   for  more
       information, please see /usr/share/doc/dbconfig-common.


       infile use the given config file as input

              use the given output format (default: sh)

              include all information in output (default)

              include the dbname in the output

              include the dbpass in the output

              include the dbserver in the output

              include the dbport in the output

              include the dbuser in the output

              include the dbtype in the output

              display this helpful message

              output the version and exit

       format is one of a list of include-file style formats for various  programming  languages.
       the current list includes:

       sh     /bin/sh style include file

       perl   perl parseable include file

       php    php parseable include file

       exec   run the file as a script and interpret its output