Provided by: quilt_0.63-3_all bug


       deb3 - convert debian source package to new 3.0 (quilt) format


       deb3 [quilt|dpatch|0|1|2]


       deb3  converts  debian  source packages which use series of patches from 1.0 format to new
       3.0 (quilt) format while adjusting contents in  debian/patches.   This  is  run  from  the
       package  top  level  directory.   If  run without argument, deb3 guesses source structure.
       Following formats are auto detected.

       o  dh_quilt_patch/dh_quilt_unpatch

       o  dpatch

       o  cdbs (

       o  dbs (


       You can force particular conversion using argument.

       quilt     conversion for dh_quilt_patch/dh_quilt_unpatch

       dpatch    conversion for dpatch

       0         conversion for dbs and cdbs made with -p 0 patches (default)

       1         conversion for dbs and cdbs made with -p 1 patches

       2         conversion for dbs and cdbs made with -p 2 patches


       This  deb3  program  only  provides  a  starting  point.  After  its  execution,   further
       modifications are needed to your package. Typical changes are:

       o  Build-Depends:  you  should  remove  cdbs,  dpatch  and quilt.  Instead, you should add
          debhelper (>= 7.0.50~)

       o  Add override_dh_* targets to debian/rules to address special cases.

       o  Remove --with quilt from the debian/rules, if it uses the dh $@ syntax.

       You can find tutorial for packaging using this new dh $@ style and new 3.0 (quilt)  source
       format in the maint-guide package.  It is also available at:


       (c) Osamu Aoki, 2010, GPL2+    is    used    as    the    base    of    this   program;   Parts   from

        (c) gregor herrmann, 2007-2008, GPL2+
        (c) Damyan Ivanov, 2007-2008, GPL2+
        (c) Martin Quinson, 2008, GPL2+