Provided by: dh-elpa_0.0.19_all bug


       dh_elpa - install emacs lisp packages into package build directories


       dh_elpa [debhelper options]  [pkg-file]


       dh_elpa is a debhelper program that is responsible for installing elpa style emacs lisp
       packages into package build directories.


           List of files to be installed into package as an elpa package.


       --byte-compile, --no-byte-compile
           Enable (default) or disable byte compilation of installed emacs lisp files.  Disabling
           byte compilation changes the destination directory to one that is found by the emacs
           package system.

       --fix-autoload-date, --no--fix-autoload-date
           Enable (default) or disable munging the dates in Emacs generated autoload files to
           match debian/changelog.


       dh_elpa currently defines three substvars (cf. deb-substvars(5)) that can be used in

           These are dependencies needed by every dh_elpa based package.

           This adds a value suitable for a Built-Using header identifying the version of dh_elpa
           used at build time.

           These are dependencies on other ELPA packages as given in the Package-Requires: line
           of the package's main Emacs Lisp file.

           Note that Emacs Lisp dependencies packaged outside the elpa-* dpkg namespace must be
           specified manually.  For example, the s.el library is provided by the binary package
           s-el.  If dh_elpa adds dependency elpa-x where x is an Emacs Lisp binary package
           outside the elpa-* namespace, please file a bug against dh_elpa to have an exclusion


       Here is an example of using the helper in a dh(1) style debian/rules

           #!/usr/bin/make -f
               dh $@ --with elpa

       Here is an example of a binary package stanza using dh_elpa generated substvars

           Package: elpa-hello
           Architecture: all
           Depends: ${misc:Depends}, ${elpa:Depends}
           Built-Using: ${misc:Built-Using}
           Description: Emacs addon to say hello
            The Emacs editor addon likes to wave and say hello.