Provided by: djvulibre-bin_3.5.27.1-5_amd64 bug


       djvuextract - Extract chunks from DjVu image files.


       djvuextract [-page=pagenum] djvufile [chkid=filename]...


       Program  djvuextract  extracts raw chunk data from a DjVu file djvufile.  These chunks can
       then be re-assembled into DjVu files using program djvumake.

       Option -page can be used to specify a particular page.  Otherwise the first  page  of  the
       document  is assumed.  Each remaining argument specifies that the raw data associated with
       all the chunks named chkid will be concatenated into  the  file  named  filename.   Chunks
       named  BG44  and  FG44  are handled slightly differently: the program generates legal IW44
       files instead of simply saving the raw data.

       See the man page djvumake(1) for related information.


       This program was  written  by  Léon  Bottou  <>  and  was  then
       improved     by     Andrei     Erofeev     <>,     Bill    Riemers
       <> and many others.


       djvu(1), djvumake(1)