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       dmenu - dynamic menu


       dmenu  [-b]  [-f]  [-i]  [-l  [-m  monitor] lines] [-p prompt] [-fn font] [-nb color] [-nf
       color] [-sb color] [-sf color] [-v]

       dmenu_run ...


       dmenu is a dynamic menu for X, which reads a list of newline-separated items  from  stdin.
       When  the  user  selects an item and presses Return, their choice is printed to stdout and
       dmenu terminates.  Entering text will narrow the items to those matching the tokens in the

       dmenu_run is a script used by dwm(1) which lists programs in the user's $PATH and runs the
       result in their $SHELL.


       -b     dmenu appears at the bottom of the screen.

       -f     dmenu grabs the keyboard before reading stdin.  This is faster, but will lock up  X
              until stdin reaches end-of-file.

       -i     dmenu matches menu items case insensitively.

       -l lines
              dmenu lists items vertically, with the given number of lines.

       -m monitor
              dmenu  is  displayed  on  the monitor number supplied. Monitor numbers are starting
              from 0.

       -p prompt
              defines the prompt to be displayed to the left of the input field.

       -fn font
              defines the font or font set used.

       -nb color
              defines the normal  background  color.   #RGB,  #RRGGBB,  and  X  color  names  are

       -nf color
              defines the normal foreground color.

       -sb color
              defines the selected background color.

       -sf color
              defines the selected foreground color.

       -v     prints version information to stdout, then exits.


       dmenu  is completely controlled by the keyboard.  Items are selected using the arrow keys,
       page up, page down, home, and end.

       Tab    Copy the selected item to the input field.

       Return Confirm selection.  Prints  the  selected  item  to  stdout  and  exits,  returning

              Confirm selection.  Prints the selected item to stdout and continues.

              Confirm input.  Prints the input text to stdout and exits, returning success.

       Escape Exit without selecting an item, returning failure.

       C-a    Home

       C-b    Left

       C-c    Escape

       C-d    Delete

       C-e    End

       C-f    Right

       C-g    Escape

       C-h    Backspace

       C-i    Tab

       C-j    Return

       C-J    Shift-Return

       C-k    Delete line right

       C-m    Return

       C-M    Shift-Return

       C-n    Down

       C-p    Up

       C-u    Delete line left

       C-w    Delete word left

       C-y    Paste from primary X selection

       C-Y    Paste from X clipboard

       M-g    Home

       M-G    End

       M-h    Up

       M-j    Page down

       M-k    Page up

       M-l    Down


       dwm(1), stest(1)

                                            dmenu-4.6                                    DMENU(1)